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Three Ways to Decorate Your Office for Productivity

The environment you are in plays a serious role in how you feel, and it can also impact your productivity in the workplace. When your office space is not feeling as inspiring as you had hoped, there are many different ways you can decorate to help boost your workflow.

Below are three ways you can decorate your working are to benefit your productivity.

  1. Decluttered and Minimalistic

When you choose to decorate your office in a minimalistic way, your space will look inviting and be free of unnecessary clutter and distractions. When there is an abundance of clutter, you will begin to feel overwhelmed, so work towards simple, relaxing decorations in your space.

  1. Use Colors that Inspire

Brightly colored office space is a great way to boost your productivity. Choosing colors such as blue, yellow, and green, can inspire creativity and relaxation. A brightly colored office not only looks more inviting but by choosing colors that you love, you will feel at home and ready to get to work.

  1. Add Some Greenery

One way to feel more inspired is to add plants into your office. When you are stuck inside all day, you can find yourself missing the time spent outdoors. Incorporating plants into your décor will help you feel more connected to life outside of the office and can even provide productivity boosting scents.

When you are in need of a welcoming space to get your work done, our MA office for rent is perfect. You can decorate how you want, and we provide a variety of up-to-date and modern equipment and furniture.

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How to Take the Lead during a Conference Call

Taking the lead on a conference call can be stressful, especially if this is your first time speaking to a large group of people in the workplace. Fortunately, taking charge of a conference call does not have to be a scary task. Below are a few tips on how to confidently run your latest business conference.

Do not be late: Ideally, you want to join the call a few minutes before when the meeting starts. This will give you enough time to ensure all of the equipment is connected correctly, as well as pulling up all of the files and presentations you need if you are sharing a screen.

Strike up a casual conversation while everyone joins: Instead of your attendees waiting in silence until all participants have arrived, ask them about their weekend or if they have any plans for the upcoming holiday.

Always address people by name: Whether you are talking to someone directly or directing a question towards them, always use their name. This will prevent any awkward silences from occurring when listeners are not sure of who should answer or respond.

Request that attendees mute their phones: When the meeting begins, request all attendees to mute themselves. This will reduce distractions for everyone involved, especially if some are calling in from a busy area or a home with pets.

Recap at the end of the call: Providing a recap of the essential points of your call will help reiterate those topics. It also allows listeners to ask any additional questions if they missed something when it was first explained.

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The Advantages of Renting a Conference Room

When you are in need of an MA conference room rental, choose one of our three locations at Highland-March Workspaces. Meeting in a modern, up-to-date space can help show your clients or employees that you take the conference seriously. Whether you work from home, or your office does not have ample space for a meeting, renting a conference room has a variety of benefits.

If your company cannot accommodate business partners or employees with a suitable room, a rental conference room would allow for a more effective meeting and larger participation. Renting a room also helps you eliminate additional equipment charges, as all of our conference rooms come with everything you could need.

At Highland-March Workspaces, each of our conference room rentals is equipped with the latest technology, comfortable furniture, and a professional image to leave a lasting impression on attendees. You will save time and money by renting out one of our spaces, and you even have the option of incorporating video conferencing into your meeting.

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The Advantages of File Sharing During a Video Conference

Video conferencing is an excellent way for companies and employees to get together without the additional cost of travel. You can even record your conference to distribute to others across the company who may not have been able to attend. Another feature you should look for in video conferencing equipment is the ability to file share during the meeting.

Visual Presentations

Highland-March Workspaces offers a place to hold video conferences for various companies to hold meetings and exchange ideas. File sharing allows for visual presentations, which is a must when trying to share thoughts and ignite conversation properly. PowerPoints, graphs, outlines, articles, and images can be shown instantly to all participants.

Catch Mistakes

It is easier to catch mistakes when you have multiple members of your team reviewing the documents and graphs necessary for your meetings. It is one thing for someone to read a figure off of a piece of paper, but if the rest of the people attending the virtual meeting have access to a visual representation of this, these extra sets of eyes can catch any instances where the stated figures are not matching up with the recorded facts.

Vote in Private

Sometimes meetings require voting to carry motions or propose new strategies. It can be awkward if the team members can see how everyone votes with a raising of the hand. Sharing a file allows everyone to vote privately by sending his or her votes anonymously remotely.

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