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Should You Be Concerned about Internet Privacy?

It seems like hardly a day goes by where you do not hear on the news about intrusion on digital privacy. Whether it comes from big organizations or individual hackers, there always seems to be someone after your internet traffic and data. Though internet privacy, or the lack thereof, may seem like a thing of the past, it is still essential to keep in mind.

More and more internet providers can spy on your search history and data. Something as simple as streaming can land your IP address in trouble with some providers if you are not careful. Identity theft, however, is the primary concern of unsecured internet connections. Hackers are always looking for ways to grab your data, and it can be anything from your credit card information to social security number.

Fortunately, you will experience nothing but high-speed, secure internet at Highland-March Workspaces. Our facility respects your privacy and wants you to feel comfortable and safe utilizing our digital services for your day-to-day work.

Whether you are connecting with company officials across the country, or are working on your next big freelance design project, you can rest assured that our internet connection will safely and securely get you through the task. Contact us today about our MA office for rent to experience all of the benefits of Highland-March Workspaces!

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Resolve Childcare Issues with a Co-Working Space

When you have a child, returning to work can be difficult without an adequate plan for childcare. Many parents choose to change careers, take on fewer hours, or create a more flexible schedule once they have kids. Fortunately, our co-working space in MA will allow you to get back to work and find the childcare you need during those hours.

A co-working space is where freelancers, remote workers, and other professionals work in a shared setting. Many of these facilities also offer childcare services onsite to help these independent professionals get their work done with little stress.

When your rental office also has a place for your child, it helps improve your productivity; as well as reduce the amount of times you need to stop in one day after work is done. You can rest assured that your child is playing and learning in a safe environment nearby and that you can be right there if there is an emergency.

Different from working from home, a co-working space provides you with a fully functional office to help keep you focused without the added distractions of having you and your child at home all day. If you are interested in learning more about our co-working space in MA, contact Highland-March Workspaces today.

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Hosting Effective Office Meetings

Meetings can be a great way to join up with your team or present important information for the business. However, many people find meetings to be a waste of their time and would much rather spend that 30-60 minutes working. When you want to host an effective meeting, the following tips will prove useful.

Have a Written Agenda

Having a detailed agenda for the meeting before it begins allows you to be more organized and get your point across. It also allows you to distribute this information ahead of time so your team knows what to expect from the meeting.

Manage by the Clock

When no one is managing the time, meetings can get off track and become unfocused. You want to make sure you are making your employees’ time count when you bring them into a meeting room rental in MA. Keep an eye on the clock at all times to ensure your meeting is going smoothly and on track.

Take Notes

Taking notes is incredibly important in meetings, but not everyone remembers to do so. It helps to record any questions or assignments that were asked, as well as ensure you have a record of everything that was covered.