What is a Shared Workspace?

Shared Workspace in MAThe world of work is evolving, resulting in a change of position and venue for many workers. Today, there are large numbers of people working as private contractors. This growing part of the workforce needs a quiet and professional place to work.

These people are freelancers, remote employees, temporary workers, or consultants that don’t have a central office and want to rent a small space outside of the home. They need a place that allows them to be productive. For these people, the best fit may be a shared workspace in MA.

That’s what enterprising businesses are offering these individuals — a desk or small space to an individual. They could rent a desk during certain days of the week at specific times or on an as-needed basis.

An Office Environment Works Best

For this expanding part of the workforce, home doesn’t meet their needs. There may be people or pets who disrupt their day. Or they may require specific amenities from cubicles to desks to Internet connections to printers and fax machines. Or, they may need to physically leave the house to feel like they are at work. A shared workspace in MA allows these professionals to get their job done in a positive environment for a small amount of money.

How to Find a Meeting Room Outside of Your Office

Sometimes, it helps to take a meeting or training outside of the office. Perhaps, you need more room. Or maybe you want a new environment to talk about new ideas. Then, too, you think a new space would heighten excitement about your upcoming corporate training. These are all excellent reasons to seek outside meeting room rental in MA.

Your employees welcome a change of environment. They’re used to the office and the conference rooms you have in your building, but taking it outside sends a signal that this meeting is different.

Another consideration is interruptions. It seems you can’t go anywhere in your building without someone tracking you down. It’s much harder to do with a meeting room rental in MA. And fewer interruptions mean less distraction from the important subject at hand.

Locating the Ideal Space

Look for a place that gives you plenty of options to serve your purpose. Suppose the right-sized room was available at an affordable price with all of the amenities you wanted. In that case, it might be a good idea to do business with this company in the future.

Think of your requirements for the workspace:

  • Size
  • Privacy
  • Time
  • Furnishings
  • Technology
  • Sanitary & Hygienic

How a Training Room Benefits Your Team

Conference Rooms in MAIt has become increasingly popular for small businesses and entrepreneurs to rent offices or conference rooms in MA. Many are also beginning to use these spaces for training purposes. Small businesses, startups, and new entrepreneurs often do not have commercial office space, but it is important that their employees are trained, professional, and fully skilled. Here are some terrific points on how renting conference rooms for training can benefit your team.


Commercial spaces are expensive to buy, and the costs of purchasing technology, furnishings, and equipment for the training spaces are other significant expenses. If you rent conference rooms or fully functional training spaces, it will be at a fraction of the cost.

Professional Image

If you want to make a good impression on employees and clients, you need to use professional spaces. Rented training and conference rooms are professional environments that will help your startup or small business present the professional image you want to project.

Secondary Services and Amenities

The best-rented conference rooms and training rooms for rent offer secondary services and amenities, including administrative help, equipment, mailbox services, and access to other areas, such as kitchens or lounges.

Contact us today to learn more about the spaces we have available for your team.

Understanding Temporary Office Space

Office Space for Rent in MABusiness moves at the speed of light. As a result, more freelancers, startups, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and businesses large and small are discovering the many benefits of temporary office space for rent in MA. And these workspaces are much improved from the empty blank rented rooms in times past. The best temporary office spaces are practical, turnkey solutions that meet your office needs.

At its most basic, temporary office space for rent can be rented for any period shorter than a standard office lease (i.e., one year). You can even rent desks or rooms by the hour or the day, but most temporary office space is rented on a month-to-month basis.

There are many benefits to using temporary office space even if you already have your own permanent workplace.

You may think that a temporary office space is something youll never need. You have your office set up, and work is progressing nicely. But here are several examples of how temporary office space for rent can be of enormous value to you:

  • Your business is in-between leases and needs somewhere to work.
  • You need seasonal or project-based staff and have nowhere for them to work.
  • Your business has outgrown your current office and needs overflow space.
  • Your current office space is under construction.
  • Youre a digital nomad who needs to maintain a virtual office while youre traveling.
  • You need a formal conference room for meeting important clients or investors.

The list can go on and on with many other examples of how temporary office space for rent can be critical for your business.

Keep Your Business Moving During COVID-19 with Virtual Office Space

Virtual OfficeDuring this unprecedented and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are going through a significant period of uncertainty and change. At a time like this, entrepreneurs and business managers need to consider new practices and solutions to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to keep their businesses running. Renting a virtual office in MA is one great way to do this.


What Is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office gives your business all the benefits of having dedicated office space without the same level of overhead cost (i.e., a lease) or maintenance. With all of your employees working from home, leasing a full building just doesn’t make sense. Switching to a virtual office space could save your company money during this trying time.


For example, when you rent a virtual office space, you gain access to services essential to the running of a business, such as:

  • A Permanent Business Mailing Address
  • Telephone Support for Incoming Calls
  • High-tech Communications Equipment


Whether you’re looking to establish a new enterprise or grow your current business, doing so in this challenging commerce climate is going to take creativity and ingenuity to be successful. The virtual office option can give your business a presence in a wide variety of markets.

Choosing the Ideal Executive Suites in MA, that will Appeal to Your Employees

Executive SuitesWhen considering leasing or renting executive suites in MA, for your new business, it is very important to consult with a service like Highland March Workspaces to help you consider how the location and space of your new offices will appeal to your employees. Today’s talented workforce can afford to be choosy when picking the company they want to work for. Make your company a desirable option by selecting an office space that is beneficial when you begin to select candidates for your company. Things to think about include how the commute to your new location will affect your workforce. Also, does the layout of the space you are considering allow for ample breakout rooms and facilities like lounge areas and restrooms. An engaging office space goes a long way in making your company appealing to the type of talent you wish to attract.


Choose the Right Executive Suites in MA, to Benefit Your New Business

Choosing the right executive suites in MA, can be very beneficial to your bottom line. The less you have to do to create a functional and attractive space to conduct operations, the quicker you can get moved in and begin working. If the space you choose is not set up properly, you could easily need to hire interior designers, architects, or contractors to reconfigure the space to meet your needs. This effort could delay your deadline for beginning operations, and it will increase your startup costs. Rely on a service like Highland March Workspaces to help you find the ideal space for you to begin conducting your work.

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3 Tips for Renting an Office Space

When you are in need of suitable office space, Highland-March Workspaces has fully-equipped office and conference rooms for rent. When looking for an MA office for rent, the following tips can prove useful in your search.

  1. Determine the Need for Short or Long-Term Space

When you are looking for an office to rent, you want to decide on if you need it only for the week, for the next few months, or even longer. At Highland-March Workspaces, you can rent any of our office spaces for a day, a month, or a whole year. We are flexible with your schedule and will help you have space and equipment you need for as long as you need it.

  1. Have a List of Your Space Requirements

When searching for suitable office space for rent, it is vital to ensure you have a list of everything you need. Whether you have size requirements, specific equipment you need, or location convenience, knowing precisely what you need with your space will help narrow down your search.

  1. Take a Tour of the Space

Before committing to any particular office space, take a tour of the facility to ensure it is everything you need for day-to-day business. Our staff is friendly and helpful and will work to ensure you are fully accommodated during your workday.

For more information on our MA office for rent, contact Highland-March Workspaces today at 1-866-317-3600.

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Top 5 Benefits of Using a Conference Room Rental

As a small business owner, it is essential to stand out against all of your competition. With an MA conference room rental, you can have access to all of the tools the big corporations have without a tremendous cost. You can create a strong business presence for your clients as needed to help show then you have a competitive edge. Below are the top five benefits of using a conference room rental.

  1. Full Functionality

Many times, small business owners do not have a suitable space for a meeting with potential or current clients. By renting a conference room from Highland-March Workspaces, you can set up an area that is friendly, professional, and fully-equipped with the latest technologies.

  1. Broader Availability

Another great reason to book our meeting rooms is our locations are perfect for many larger companies. If you are about to score the biggest client of the year located in Boston, our office locations can help make your meeting easier and more convenient than ever.

  1. Reduces Operating Costs

When you rent a conference room, you will save your business a lot of money. There is no need to purchase additional equipment, presentation tools, or assistance. All of that comes with your rental at no extra charge.

  1. Friendly Greetings

When your client steps foot in our facility, they will be greeted by our friendly front-end staff. You can guarantee an exceptional first impression on your client so that they will enter the meeting in a positive mindset.

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3 Essential Items for Any Conference Room

When your company needs a physical place to all get together, our conference rooms in MA are perfect. You want to ensure you book a room with all of the latest technologies and equipment for a seamless meeting from start to finish. Below are three essential items any conference room, including ours, will have.

  1. Wireless Capabilities

Any conference room should have Wi-Fi capabilities for you and your guests. This will ensure you can easily connect to any of your own equipment for presentations, data projections, and more. Nothing can bring a meeting down more than waiting for your documents to load or not being able to connect at all.

  1. Whiteboards and Markers

Computers are great at accessing a lot of data, but sometimes you simply need to write things down. A meeting room with a whiteboard and dry-erase markers will allow you to brainstorm with your team and quickly jot down ideas for everyone to see.

  1. Trash Cans

It may sound simple, but trash cans are incredibly important. Whether you are hosting a lunch and learn event or stopped to grab coffee and donuts before the meeting begins, a garbage can is necessary. Not only does this keep your space clean, but it eliminates any additional charges if the room is left a mess.

3 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Conference Room

Though telecommuting can be a great way to communicate with employees and clients, it is not always the most viable option. If you are holding an important meeting, a conference room is much more suitable to ensure face-to-face interactions. Fortunately, renting a conference room can be easy. Below are three reasons why you should contact Highland-March Workspaces about our MA conference room rental options.

  1. Convenient and Cost-Effective

Whether you are an established company or just starting out, having access to meeting room necessities without busting your budget is essential. When you rent a conference room, you can have access to everything you need and more without putting the extra expenses into renovating your office.

  1. A Good First Impression

If you are working from your home or a smaller firm, a meeting room rental can set a good first impression for your clients or potential employees. Instead of trying to set up space in your kitchen or living room, rent a conference room from Highland-March Workspaces for a friendly and professional atmosphere.