Why Highland-March Workspaces?

There are a host of reasons to choose Highland-March Workspaces over the other options when searching for an MA office for rent. Below are our top five.

1. Reduce Your Financial Risk

Highland-March Workspaces has invested in the entire technical infrastructure you need: furniture, phone systems, internet access, and business equipment. You will never have to spend your time and money setting up an office. Since you are not required to sign a long-term leave, you are not tied to a substantial financial obligation.

2. Project the Right Image

At our co-working space in MA, we know we are likely the first impression your clients will have of your business. For that reason, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming atmosphere for all who step through our doors. It begins with the friendly, professional greeting your clients hear on the phone and continues when they are warmly welcomed upon their arrival. The tastefully appointed reception areas, offices, and conference rooms convey to your clients that you take their business seriously.

3. Minimize the Hassles of Running an Office

You need to spend your time running your business, not your office space. From the very beginning, we handle the day-to-day for you. There is no dealing with phone companies, utilities, or internet providers. The copy machines are stocked with paper, the maintenance of the equipment is our concern, and we handle sending and receipt of mail and packages. If you have an administrative project to complete, we are here to help so you can spend your valuable time growing your business, not typing or stuffing envelopes.

4. The Flexibility to Respond to the Marketplace

At Highland-March Workspaces, you do not have to commit to a long-term lease for our office and conference rooms in MA. As your business grows, you will not find yourself stuck in a space you have outgrown. You are free to add offices as you need. If business is slower than expected, you do not have to wait years to get out of a cumbersome lease.

5. The Right Environment Gives You an Edge

Working from home may sound like a great idea, but it has some huge drawbacks. The isolation, distractions, and sameness of being in one place day and night often lead to reduced productivity. At Highland-March Workspaces, you can trade up to a comfortable private office in a vibrant business community where you can focus on business and interact with other professionals. Until you are ready for an office, you can take advantage of virtual office programs that offer support services and allow you to meet clients in the professional atmosphere of our centers.

Contact us for more information about our MA office for rent. We have locations in Braintree, Quincy, and Mansfield, MA.

Highland-March Workspaces is owned and operated by the dynamic mother/daughter duo that is Leslie and Kimberly Libeskind (though Kim is often referred to as Leslie on Red Bull). Having owned and operated Highland-March Workspaces for the last 28 years, Leslie and Kim are proud to have cultivated a professional, community-based atmosphere, where their passion for creative space solutions and outstanding customer service really helps their clients shine! Read on to learn more about their story.

In 1996, Leslie was working from home running her small sales promotion and advertising company. After years in the marketing department at Polaroid, Leslie was happy to have the freedom that running a small, home-based business provided.

However, between her young son pressing his nose up against the glass door demanding attention and the isolation she felt having minimal contact with other adults in the course of a day, she quickly realized that she had underestimated the challenges of working from home. After discussing these challenges with her accountant, he introduced her to Cheryl, then owner of Highland-March Executive Suites in Braintree, who was looking to sell the shared office center in order to move back with her family in the mid-west.

Cheryl was anxious to visit with her family, so Leslie stepped in as acting owner/manager for a one-week trial to see how the business worked from the inside. After just a week, Leslie had fallen in love with Highland-March and agreed to purchase the business. Her then 16yo. daughter, Kim, came on board that spring as a part-time administrative assistant.

In 2004, a couple of years after Kim had graduated college, Leslie and Kim decided to expand the business. Aiming to serve clients closer to the South Coast and Rhode Island, they selected a location in Cabot Business Park in Mansfield, MA. The Mansfield Highland-March Workspaces location has been thriving ever since.

In July 2016, Leslie and Kim opened a third location at Marina Bay in Quincy, MA. They now continue to evolve all three locations to flow with client demand – adding in more flexible private office options, virtual office plans, co-working space and open lounge and work bar areas. What’s next up for this powerhouse pair and Highland-March Workspaces? You’ll just have to watch and see.

Two Women