About Our MA Office for Rent

Highland-March Workspaces began in 1988 under its original ownership at Highland March Executive Suites. In 1996, Leslie Libeskind purchased the office space company in Braintree, MA, and started an overhaul to create a more welcoming environment, upgrade the technology, and ensure that Highland March clients feel as though they are pampered guests at a hotel for businesses. By 2001, the office center had doubled in size.

In 2003, we opened an office in Mansfield, MA, which is run by Leslie’s daughter, Kim Morin. Having spent her high school and college years working part-time at the Braintree location, she continues to learn the ins and outs of the business. Kim now manages the Mansfield location in the tradition of providing an energizing business environment that encourages individuals to flourish and companies to grow. In 2016, Kim and Leslie opened the newest Highland March location in Quincy, MA.