Group of employees in a business meeting

When Should You Schedule a Work Meeting?

Meetings are a great way to get the team together and discuss business strategy and issues. However, too many meetings could end up killing your team’s productivity. When there are significant updates to be discussed, a meeting is a must. Do not let meetings be a waste of time with these following tips.

Do not schedule a meeting if there is no good reason for doing so. If you are planning a meeting to check in on the status of certain tasks, there may be a better, less intrusive way to go about it. Skip the meeting this time and instead follow up with an email or take a peek into your task tracking software.

Ensure your meeting is scheduled at an appropriate time. Unless you are planning a lunch-and-learn style meeting, scheduling around lunch time will not benefit your employees. They will often be hungry, disinterested, and irritable throughout the time. Opt for a meeting earlier in the morning or towards the end of the day.

Make sure you follow up to the meeting. One of the most significant ways to waste time is to never follow up on what was discussed in a meeting. If you and your team agreed on a plan of action, but no details were implemented, that meeting essentially took an hour away from work being completed.

Ensure your meeting space is comfortable and fully-equipped. When you rent one of our MA meeting rooms from Highland-March Workspaces, you will have a space available with high-quality equipment and comfortable seating.